A Journey Into My Heart-Pink Amethyst

Pink Amethyst comes to us from a remote area in Argentina. This is a recent crystal discovery.  These crystal nodules are all dug by hand in Patagonia, Argentina.

I always take note when a new crystal deposit is discovered and brought to market. What message does it have for humanity at this time? Why now, what does it have to offer?

I first heard about Pink Amethyst during the February 2017 Tuscon gem show. I was unable to attend this year’s show as I was still recovering from the loss of my home and business on Big Pine Key in Florida due to Hurricane Irma.  Once Pink Amethyst came up on my radar I knew I had to have some for myself but also to offer to my clients. One of my “rock buddies” went on a search for me at the show and was able to locate THE source for these marvelous crystals much to my delight.

It’s only recently that my life has settled enough  so that I can devote time to getting to know these incredible heart Chakra stones and the healing they hold for me.

The message I get from this stone is: “Stop playing it small” After working with this stone for a short while I began to feel an energy that opened me up so that I could look at what I was believing about my life and self. I’ve been in worry and fear about my life, my survival, my home, my financial situation. (Root Chakra issues)

The vibration of the Pink Amethyst allowed me to check in with my heart and question, was this true? Was what I was thinking about this situation true? I could sense that I was coming from my head and not my heart. All the worry and anxiety I was experiencing was in fact my own creation. As I continued to hold the stone to my heart I felt an ease come over me and I saw an image of a river. A flowing river where the water moved and flowed over and around the rocks and boulders. I could sense that if I could let go of these limiting beliefs, I would be back in the flow of life. As I continued to hold the Pink Amethyst I took several deep, focused breaths. It felt as if the stone was breathing with me. After a while I could feel a physical sensation in my body that felt like movement of wind. With this came a sense of calm, a deep inner calm. The Pink Amethyst opened my heart so I could continue to process what was happening in my Root Chakra and the issues around home, security and money.

Pink Amethyst

Pink Amethyst Cluster

For several days after this meditation with Pink Amethyst, I continued to process this experience and could see how I could change the situation in my life by coming from my heart and changing my beliefs. Pink Amethyst brought me back to a place of trust. I could see how my thought patterns were holding me as hostage in a tight, restrictive view of life. Once I started to move through this awareness I was able to drop the worry and trust that I could stay in the flow of life. I could stop playing it small. I could embrace life and trust life and remember that I am a divine being living in this body.  I don’t need to be limited or defined by what I am perceiving. A sense of joy and freedom replaced the limiting worries and anxieties.

I’m been working with crystals and stones for almost 30 years and it still amazes me how their vibration can offer us healing and transformation.

For me, Pink Amethyst is all about flow.

Pink AmethystPink Amethyst remind us to choose ease and flow rather than struggle and resistance.  This stone invites us to take a look at our lives to see where we are living in resistance. To come into our hearts and see where we can move into flow. Sometimes this will mean letting something or someone go in order to move forward. Sometimes it means letting a belief or thought go. This stone can give us the courage to move past the emotional wounds or blocks that keep us from living from our Divine selves. It helps to restore joy, peace and freedom.

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Debra, Spirals of Light