Balance your Chakras with Gemstones

Chakra balancing with gemstonesMany of us love the way a gemstone looks or how the color of the stone makes us feel, and a great piece of jewelry can make an outfit! However, some believe gemstones also have healing energies, and that each stone may be associated with a certain area of the body. To use gemstones for their energies, however, means learning about each gemstone. Amethyst is known for calming, rose quartz is associated with love or the heart and aquamarine also calms and is linked to the throat. Be aware, though, that the association of gemstones with energies or alleged healing powers isn’t backed or proven by science or medical doctors.

But if you love gemstones and crystals, have fun with them. There are many different crystals and gemstones that can be utilized and worn. Some individuals carry a gemstone for their perceived energies…and gemstones also can be carved into touchstones. These unique carved stones feature an imprint where the thumb or finger can rub the stone in times of stress or worry.

Of course, gemstones and crystals also may be worn around the neck as amulets or as pendants. Gemstones also may be purchased loose to place on the body where their perceived energies may be utilized. When gemstones are used on the body, each stone is placed on the area of the body where the gem is deemed useful…or where their energy lines up with the gemstone’s associated Chakra. Gemstones, however, should not take the place of conventional medical treatments or professional medical advice.

In yoga and meditation, chakras are the areas of energy in a body. There are seven chakras and they include The Crown Chakra (associated with wisdom), The Third Eye Chakra (perception and intuition), The Throat Chakra (truth and expression), The Heart Chakra (love), The Solar Plexus Chakra (power and social), The Sacral Chakra (sexuality and emotions), and The Root Chakra (safety).

A different gemstone is used in correlation with each Chakra. However, each Chakra may be associated and influenced by numerous different gemstones. Some believe that the stones help to balance the energy or even amplify the energy. If you’re interested in how to balance your Chakras with gemstones use the infographic as a guide: