Amethyst Crystal, Amethyst with Hematite


A very SPRECIAL form of Amethyst

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Super sweet, this Amethyst single point crystal is filled with Hematite inclusions.
It is a natural, raw and unpolished, with a perfect termination.

This crystal comes from the Karol District of Mashonaland, Zimbabwe, Africa which is well known for its exquisite Amethyst Crystals.

Enjoy the balancing effects this crystal has to offer. It can help keep you grounded and focused while allowing you to go deep into the spirit world.

Perfect size to hold while meditating or place it up at your 3rd eye.

It measures approximately 1.5 inches x .75 inches.
Weighs 16.4 grams

Amethyst – A stone of spirituality and intuition. Can assist one in listening to the inner voice. A stone for spiritual protection and purification.
Useful for meditation and gaining insight. Can aid in over indulgence and addictions.

Hematite – Is know as a grounding stone. It also is a stone to calm the mind. It can help one to sort things out and calm racing mind thoughts.
It helps with memory retention and is useful while studying. It also assists in dissolving negativity as it can transform the negative to a more pure state of love.