Amethyst Crystal, Skeletal Amethyst, Twin Amethyst, Scepter Crystal, Etched Amethyst Crystal



Is it a Skeletal Amethyst?
A twin Amethyst Crystal?
A Scepter Crystal?
An Etched Crystal?
OR all of the above!

One thing is for sure this is an amazing unique Amethyst Crystal no matter how you identify with it.

I’m always on the look out for rare and unusual crystal formations and this one certainly is unusual .

Etched crystals are also known as dissolution crystals.

These types of crystals are rather rare as they have an unusual formation.
This one is etched on the inside of the two main crystals sides.

The etching is caused by water during the crystals growth cycle, or by mineral inclusions that dissolve away leaving these strange and wonderful markings.
This unique crystal clearly shows the hollow depressions left.

Some believe that Etched crystals are powerful stone beings.
The etchings contain ancient information and may hold secrets to the universe.

Amethyst is a stone of spirituality and intuition. Can assist one in listening to the inner voice.
A stone for spiritual protection and purification. Useful for meditation and gaining insight.
Amethyst can aid in over indulgence and addictions. .

This a truly precious piece.
Perfect gift for someone who is looking for something very different to add to their crystal collection.

2 inches by 3/4 inches
Weighs 29grams