Clear Quartz Crystal Pyramid


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Super clear, 1.5 inch clear Quartz Crystal Pyramids

Pyramids are great for laying on parts of the body that need healing, balancing or energizing.

The point removes trapped energy  and releases it out.

Pyramids generate a short, wave energy similar to what you feel during acupuncture.

Pyramids are often found in sacred geometry. With a solid base and balanced equilateral sides that meet together in an apex, the pyramid helps us to stay grounded while also connecting to our highest realms and energies.

Clear Quartz is an energy amplifier. It magnifies energy.

It can be programmed to hold intention and assist in the manifestation of the focused intent.
These Pyramids are perfect to use in the center of a crystal healing grid.

A powerful meditation tool. Useful as a dream stone, assisting in remembering and interpreting dreams.

Price includes Shipping!