Elestial Calcite also called White Moldavite


Energy booster!

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This is a sweet white crystal known as Elestial Calcite, which is also called White Moldavite because it does have a similar energy vibration to Moldavite
This is a powerful little stone.

It weighs 3.6 grams

Measures 1.25 inches in length
.5 inches wide.

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This is a Calcite Crystal from Arizona. I purchased it from the man who collected it in the desert.
Elestial refers to the texture of the stone.

This texture is also similar to Moldavite, but this stone in NOT a tektite. The pattern and texture is created through wind and sand.

Elestial Calcite are stones of inter dimensional connection, assisting us in receiving inner guidance, enabling us to tune into realms of the highest spiritual Light.

Elestial Calcite assist us in communing with the Angelic Realm.

Elestial Calcites can boost energy on all levels, like a highly charged battery.

If you are looking for a new, high power energy stone to add to your collection, you’ll love White Moldavite!

Jewelry makers take note! This stone is very easy to wire wrap because of the shape.