Grounding & Energizing Crystal Healing Gift Set, Grounding Stones, Aromatherapy Root Chakra Kit


An information card is included


This gift set was designed with the intention to offer centering and grounding. To inspire a sense of power and connection to the ground you walk upon and for strength and energy.
Come back to center, stay focused grounded and stable.

Included in this Crystal Healing Grounding Gift Set is:

~~~~1, 2 OZ bottle of Spirals of Light Aromatherapy Chakra Spray for the Root Chakra.
This spray is made with 3 different pure essential oils to open & balance the 1st Chakra.
2 Reiki charged gemstones are placed into each bottle, Hematite & Garnet combining the vibratory essence of the gemstones with the oils.
Each bottle is individually hand poured in sacred space with the highest intention to bring balance and healing to the user.
Use this spray to center ground yourself
Spray yourself each morning upon awakening, before any project that requires your full attention and focus and each evening before going to bed to offer stability in your life.

~~~~~ 1 Hematite stretch bracelet with 8 mm beads. Hematite is the perfect stone to go to when you feel spacey, have trouble focusing on the task at hand, studying or paying attention

~~~~~1 Tumbled Smooth Hematite stone

~~~~~1 Tumbled Smooth dark red Garnet, provides stability, grounding and energy.

~~~~~1 Silver wire jewelry cage pendant with black satin cord. Place one of the tumbled stone in the cage to wear to feel grounded and centered.

~~~~~1 natural quartz crystal approximately 1.5 inches long. Quartz acts as an energy amplifier. Use this crystal to help you focus and bring clarity to your mind.

An information card is included

Comes with a red organza gift pouch, perfect for gift giving.

Each kit will vary slightly due to the unique nature of each stone.

Each piece will come carefully wrapped for shipping

Great price, $31 if purchased separately

* Would you like to know more about how to use this Crystal Healing Kit?
I am a certified Crystal Healer & Therapist with 30 years experience working with crystals.
With the purchase of this Crystal Set, I will offer you a complementary 15 minute phone consultation. Email me for details.