Lepidolite Cabochon


Lepidolite helps to release stress and worry.

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Here is a large pear shaped Lepidolite cabochon.

It shows deep purple color, with flecks of sparkling purple lepidolite mica swirling around white quartz.

This is a large stone, perfect for using in a crystal grid or laying on the body to provide calming stress relief.
Weighs 26 grams
Measures: 55 mm x 45 mm

It is nicely polished on all sides

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Jewelry makers take note, this cab would make a beautiful large pendant.

Lepidolite – A most effective stone for calming frayed nerves, helping one to release stress and worry.

It can dispel negative thoughts and remove emotional attachments such as resentment and envy.

Lepidolite is a lithium stone