Long Black Tektite, Indochinite Tektite


It is estimated to be 700,000 years old


This is the Tektite you will receive.

It is from Southwestern China in the area known as Indochinite Australasian strewn field
This area is know for its well formed, glassy tektites.

From Wikipedia:

An Indochinite is a type of tektite. Tektites were ejected into the Earth’s upper atmosphere by a meteorite impact and subsequently cooled to form the distinctive glass-like structure.
Indochinites are distinctly dark black in contrast to the green of European moldavite tektites.
It is estimated that these bodies of solidified magma are 700,000 years old

Since the price of Moldavite has sky rocketed, I’ve turned to Tektites which are reasonable in price and still widely available.
I find the energies of this Tektite to be somewhat similar to Moldavite, but it offers a much more grounding quality, allowing me to process the transformational power more easily.

I love the little point that extends out from the main structure. It can be used to direct energy.
It looks like an alien being.

It measures approximately 2 inches x .75 inches

Weighs 14 grams

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