Natural Kunzite Crystal


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Nice size natural Kunzite crystal.

This Kunzite crystal is very light pink almost colorless and clear.

Kunzite is the pink-to-violet variety of the mineral spodumene, and gets its color from manganese.

Kunzite can be irradiated and then heat-treated to enhance its color. Both treated and natural color in kunzite can fade with exposure to heat and bright light.

Because of its high lithium content, Kunzite is useful for anxiety helping to calm nerves and brings a sense of calm and peace.

Kunzite- Opens the heart to the energies of love, self love, love between others, love for humanity, animals, plants, minerals and to all that is.

Kunzite prepares the heart to receive  love.

Kunzite opens the pathways to Divine Love. Kunzite is the perfect stone to give as a gift.

Kunzite offers a beautiful energy of joy and celebration as its opens the heart to love and joy.

Kunzite is a powerful healer of the heart.

1 inch long

Weight: 12.8 grams

Price includes FREE Shipping!