Sacral Gemstone Chakra Kit


Comes with an information card

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Bring balance to your Sacral Chakra with this gemstone Sacral Chakra Kit.
Included in this chakra kit:

1 Carnelian tumbled polished stone, approximately 1 inches
1 Obsidian Snowflake tumbled polished stone, approximately 1.25 inches
1 Tiger Eye tumbled polished stone, approximately 1 inch
1 Black satin draw string pouch

Information card

The Sacral Chakra is located 2 inches below the navel.
This energy center is the place of sexuality.
It stimulates creative force. It is also the place of desire and pleasure.
Aspects of giving and receiving are felt here. This center is connected to issues of control, blame and guilt.
Physical connection to this Chakra: Reproductive organs, bladder.

Use this Chakra Kit to balance the Sacral Chakra

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