Shungite Angel


Shungite it used to protect from EMFs (electro magnetic frequencies)


Beautifully carved, these black angels are made with pure Shungite.

You will receive one from this collection.

They are the perfect size to hold in your hand while meditating.
Approximately 2.25 inches long 1.25 inches wide

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Place one on your altar or near your computer, they stand upright

Shungite is a Precambrian rock of metamorphosed coal. It is made up of 98% carbon.
Shungite is found in only one area of Russia, Karelia.
Scientists estimate that the age of Shungite is about two million years.
Looking at it, Shungite resembles coal. Carbon of which this stone is composed of, is the basis of life on the Earth.

I find it to be a wonderful balancing stone. It is the perfect stone to use to absorb negativity both in the environment and emotionally.
Place a piece of Shungite near microwave ovens, TV sets, and mobile phones.
I keep one near my computer to help shield me from harmful electromagnetic rays given off from the computer

Shungite has been used by the military for EMF protection. It is excellent for high frequency emissions and is used in protective EMF paints and patented designs for aircraft.

Russian scientist have investigated this rock Shungite for several decades and report that it restores health and vitality.
It is said to relieve headaches, backaches, arthritis, relieve pain, normalize sleep, stabilize blood pressure, clear respiratory tract, and increase energy.