Shungite Phone Disk, Round Shungite


Stick one of these round Shungite disks wherever you need protection


Not just for cell phones, these disks can be placed ANYWHERE you need protection.
Place one on your tablet, ipad, computer or any device you may have.

They peel and stick wherever you place it.

OR keep one in your pocket without removing the white sticky paper.
They lay nice and flat in your pocket, under your pillow or bed side.

These Shungite sticky disks measure approximately 1.10″ in diameter 1/8 inch thick making them easy to fit inside any phone case if desired.

These are stock photos of represent the disks I have on hand.
Please note these are made from natural, genuine Shungite and each one is different.

Shungite is known to act as a shield from harmful electromagnetic rays from cell phones, computers and micro waves etc.
EMF is the physical field that comes from electrically charged objects like cell phone, cell towers, fluorescent lights, wireless devices, microwaves, power lines, EVERYWHERE!
EMF exposure can have damaging impact on our nervous system, immune system, blood cell function, cellular communication, endocrine function and more.
While you may not be able to control the outside world, you can add Shungite to your home to help protect from the harmful EMF’s.

Stick one of these round Shungite disks wherever you need protection.