Smoky Quartz Crystal Skull



Perfect size for your altar, this 2 inch Smoky Quartz Crystal Skull is well carved to show great detail.

There is a vibrancy to this crystal carving and so much to look at inside the skull.

It would be a wonderful meditation tool.
Or place it near your computer to protect from harmful electromagnetic fields.

This is the skull you will receive.
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Measures 2 inches x 1.5 inches x 1.5 inches
Weighs: 112

Some people believe that crystal skulls store a wealth of ancient knowledge, as well as messages from aliens or lost civilizations.
They are sometimes referred to as cosmic libraries.

Crystal skulls are also known for enhancing psychic powers and awakening channels for insight and ancient knowledge.

Smokey Quartz is a wonderful grounding stone assisting us when we feel spacy or can’t focus and helps us bring clarity to our situations.
It can help us bring our dreams and inspired ideas into physical reality.
Smokey Quartz can clear and cleanse other stones and our environment, acting like a sage bundle clearing and purifying the energy around us.

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