Labradorite Pyramid With Reiki Symbols-Now on SALE Save 20%


Comes charged and programed with Reiki Healing Energy


This Labrodorite Pyramid is engraved with the 4 Reiki symbols on each side of the pyramid.

Comes Reiki charged. ( I am a Reiki Master who will charged this stone  with Reiki healing energy before it is shipped)

Labradorite: Is the gemstone of magic. It awakens magical powers. It assist the development of clairvoyance, telepathy astral travel, and psychic development. It is a inter dimensional stone. Despite it’s dark outer appearance it holds a rainbow of brilliant light. This effect mirrors the energy of the stone.

The symbols are engraved in gold

A perfect piece for your healing room, altar or keep by your bed side to promote healing.

Measures 40mm by 45mm x1 38 mm tall.

Reiki can help you to:

• Heal yourself
• Develop your own inner knowledge
• Alleviate physical and emotional pain
• Decrease anxiety and tension
• Boost your immune response
• Feel more in control of your life