Vanadinite Crystal Cluster


Are you a procrastinator?  Reach for Vanadinite.

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This Vanadinte Crystal Cluster is deep orange with lots of distinct crystals all around it.

It  sparkles in the light.

There’s not many natural orange stones in the mineral kingdom.

Looking for a natural crystal to power up your 2nd Chakra? This is it!
It’s the perfect size to hold in your hand and meditate with or place it on your Chakra.

Measures: 37 mm x 28 mm
Weighs: 28 grams

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Vanadinite comes from Morocco

Vanadinite is all about endurance, persistence and getting things done.
Are you a procrastinator?  Reach for Vanadinite.
It is energizing and stimulating and can help you take the action needed to manifest your goals.
It is a wonderful stone for any creative endeavor.