Sound healing a powerful mode of healing–by guest blogger Eric Paul Levy

Sound healing is a very powerful mode of healing.  It seems so simple that many wonder how can it be so dramatically effective.  Although I don’t have all the answers, this is some of what I have come to know after years of study and practice.

  tibetan-singing-bowl-sound-healing-meditationEverything that exists is a vibration. The multitude of vibrations are beyond comprehension. What we can imagine is only a glimpse of how many different vibrations exist. Sound, light, color, the sun, the moon, plants, animals and each one of us all carry different variations. In fact, we are more like a multitude of vibrations, or instruments if you will. Our heart has a certain vibration, our brain, lungs, blood and bone all carry a certain unique vibration. Through our lives, we are constantly raising our vibration, based on what we give it. We can raise our vibration with pure air, fresh clean water, high quality whole foods and sufficient exercise. Our environment, and most importantly, our thoughts play an important role as well. Of course, just as there is always a shadow that comes with the light, we can also lower our vibration with negative thoughts, words and actions, being around negative, draining people, having a poor diet and destructive lifestyle. You might say that when our vibration is lowered, it is like being out of tune, or out of harmony with our own body and mind.

Our vibration has a tone and a rhythm, each of us unique as a snowflake or the stars in the sky. If our rhythm becomes out of sync from the natural rhythm of life, we can get thrown out of balance and that is when things don’t seem to go right or we get stressed out, allowing illness and disease to develop. When we tune in and get back to a natural rhythm, with the flow of life, we create a healthier environment where disease cannot flourish. We only need to find our own rhythm and begin to honor that and live according to it.

Also, if we become lost, confused and overwhelmed, it could be because we have become out of tune with our own natural tone. Picture our bodies as an orchestra and each body part as a different section of an orchestra. If, say, one of the violin players is out of tune, it will soon throw off the other violin players, which then will disturb the cellos, and then the horns, and percussion and so on until the entire orchestra is out of tune with itself. Then, this disharmony resonates out to the audience and even further still unto the community, the county, the country and the universe as a whole.

We all can feel when we are not in harmony with ourselves or with others. We can get out of balance from many different influences. Our modern day world of the hustle and bustle does not offer us the time and space to just get quiet and find that connection to oneself, focusing inward, to the breath.

The breath is the voice of the soul and sound is the voice of the breath.  Our breath is what keeps us alive, which is why it is so important to breathe deeply into our lungs, naturally, and also to avoid shallow breath. With our natural breath, we can begin to use sound to voice to the universe our inner most desires of personal and/or planetary health, peace, joy, prosperity, love or whatever we would like to manifest in our outer world. 247793_10151227270559728_452050991_n[1]

There are many ways to tone but the most important thing to remember is what you are setting an intention for. The sound then becomes the vehicle that sends this intention out into the world for manifestation.

Our thoughts are very powerful.  When we voice them (or rather sound them), they become even more powerful.  This is why it is encouraged for us all to speak kindly of others, as well as ourselves.  I find it’s true when they say “what we think is what we become”.  Since we do have the choice, why not choose to think only (or at least predominantly) positive, healing thoughts.  Since sound is the voice of the breath, we can use it to set our intentions (or positive thought) and send the sonic vibrations deep into ourselves as well as out into the entire universe.

When we add our intention to the sound, this is where true healing can occur.  We can use sound and positive thought to become more in harmony with ourselves and therefore more harmonious with others and the world around us, knowing that we all are part of the same, only unique in our personal vibration.  I believe that if we all were in perfect harmony within ourselves, then that high and healthy vibration would resonate out to everything that exists around the world, creating more peace, joy and love for all.

Eric Paul Levy

Eric Paul Levy  In good health and harmony,

   In good health & harmony,


Eric Paul Levy is a musician, singer, songwriter, sound healer, Reiki Practitioner and Certified Health Coach who is passionate about creating healing tones through frequencies that promote peace & harmony. He is available for private sound healing sessions.