7 Day Chakra Balancing Program-Day 7, Crown Chakra

Welcome to Day Seven of the 7 Day Chakra Balancing Program. Today we’ll work with the Crown Chakra.

If you are just joining in here, please see blog post Overview for information on how to

Crown Chakra Spray

begin this program .If you have the Spirals of Light Chakra Sprays you will use Divine Unity Spray today. To learn more about the Chakra Balancing Sprays check out our video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OlOnwvyMaoU

The Crown Chakra is referred to as Sahasrara in Sanskrit. Color: Purple or White.  Stones used in this spray are Clear Quartz. Essential oils used in this spray are Frankincense, Sandalwood and Ylang Ylang.

The Crown chakra is located at the top of the head. This center is associated with our awareness and connection to our divinity. This is the Chakra that opens us to the Divine. This is the seat of our universal consciousness. The Crown Chakra brings us to higher realms. This center is associated with highest wisdom, knowledge and unification of the higher self. The Crown Chakra is where we come to experience and know a higher being. It is through the Crown Chakra that we become aware that we are a spiritual beings, living in a human body. This Chakra not only reminds us of our own Divine Nature, but that we share a connection and unity with all beings.

An open Crown Chakra assists us in reaching for enlightenment. It’s the center for self realization. When the Crown Chakra is open it is easy to receive messages from the Divine and to trust in life’s purpose. The physical connection to this Chakra: the pituitary and pineal glands, the nervous system and brain.

Use the Divine Unity spray to deepen your connection to the Divine. Open yourself to the wisdom that resides within you. Enjoy deeper states of meditation. Open to All That IS.

Create your sacred space and give yourself some quiet time. Light a candle and if your desire, play some soothing, quiet music. Listening to Chants or Mantra would be helpful as these chants often speak the names of the divine.

Close your eyes and spray the Chakra Spray at the top your head several times, allowing the mist to gently flow down your body. Breathe in the pure aroma of the mist. Visualize luminous bright White light before you. See a sparkling sphere of White Light . Perhaps you see this white light as moonlight, or a halo. Just be present with the beautiful pure white light. You are being bathed in a vibration of pure white light. Hold this visualization for several minutes. When you are ready, open your eyes and tune into to how you are feeling.

Now mist yourself again with the 7th Chakra Spray, this time direct the spray to the Crown Chakra area at the top of your head, being careful not to spray the mist directly into your eyes. Sit in present moment awareness. Begin to tune into your surroundings. Quiet your mind. Each time a thought comes in just let it pass. No need to follow the thought, nor resist it, just let it flow past your awareness. As your mind wonders, just bring it back to the present moment. Feel yourself as you sit on the floor or chair. Notice any sounds in the room, again, no need to follow the sounds, just notice and be aware. Sit in meditation for several more minutes and than open your eyes.

Get your note book and look over these questions. See how you can deepen and strengthen your connection to the Divine.

  •  Can you open yourself to the love, guidance and protection of a force greater than yourself?
  • Do you feel connected to a power higher than yourself?
  •  What or who do you turn to when life is difficult and challenging?
  •  Do you pray or meditate everyday?
  • Do you feel connected to the divine as you go about your day?

Affirmations of the Day:

Say these affirmations while you spray yourself one last time before going on with your day. Remember to take your Crown Chakra Spray with you, so you can use it throughout the day.

  1. I feel connected to All That IS
  2. I honor myself and others as a divine being
  3. I know my highest purpose is being fulfilled

Read Spiritually uplifting books today. Poetry by Rumi would be a good choice. If you don’t already have an Altar in your home, create one. Altars are places where you can go to each day to pray or mediate and deepen your connection to Spirit. Start simply, placing a candle on your Altar. Find a photo or stature of a deity or being that represents for you a spiritual quality. Quan Yin, Buddha, the Virgin Mary are just a few suggestions. Put a small vase of flowers on the altar. A beautiful Crystal or gemstone can also go on your altar. As you develop your altar, see it as a representation of your own inner spiritual development.

You may want to Fast today. Fasting is a way to purify your body, mind and spirit. There are many types of fasting programs. Find one that resonates with you. Juice fasting is a good choice. You may want to wear the color white today. Wear Chakra Jewelry with clear stones, like Quartz Crystal.

At the end of the day, pick up your journal and write about your experiences focusing on the Crown Chakra today. Did you feel a connection to the Divine today? Did you meditate? Were you able to see the beauty and connection to others today? Do you feel grateful for your life?

Before going to sleep, spray your bed, pillow and bedroom with The Crown Chakra Spray and breathe in the aroma of the Crown Chakra as you sleep.

Congratulations, You’ve completed the 7 Day Chakra Balancing

You should feel good about taking the time to care for and improve your well-being!
I hope you’ve had some fun learning about yourself, the Chakra Energy System and how

Spirals of Light Chakra Balancing Sprays

you can balance, open and activate your chakras using the Spirals of Light Gemstone &
Aromatherapy Chakra Sprays.

Over the next few weeks, notice your sleep patterns, become aware of your moods, pay
attention to how you are feeling, and what your energy is like. This is deep, subtle energy
work. On multiple levels, and for an extended period of time, balancing and attuning will
continue to take place. So, give yourself time to allow this subtle energy work to integrate
into your Chakra Systems. The more in tune you become with yourself, the more quickly
you will learn to recognize when and which Chakra is out of balance. At that point,
simply utilize the Chakra spray and visualization for that particular chakra to restore
This process of self-discovery should be fun! Be easy on yourself, and enjoy learning
how to bring more balance, energy and joy into your life by opening and activating your
I’d love to hear how the Spirals of Light 7 Day Chakra Balancing Program
has worked for you and what discoveries you have made about yourself!
Namaste, in good health,