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Interested In Learning More About Crystals & Gemstones?

I offer Personalized Crystal Consultations. We meet one-on-one, either in person or via Zoom.

Do you have questions about using crystals?  Let's get together and let me help you move forward with understanding the mineral kingdom and how the stones can help you in their life.



Would you like to discover more about the crystals and stones that you already have?


Are you just starting out in the world of crystals and would like to learn more?


Consultations can include information on how to choose a stone, cleanse a stone, program and attune to your gemstones.


Crystal consultations are a great way to explore how to use crystals and gemstones in your everyday life.

Crystal Consultations


As a certified Crystal Therapist, I can offer you my 30 years experience in working and listening to the Stone Beings during a Crystal Consultation.
Together we can unleash the power and gifts Crystals and Stones have to offer you.
I really enjoy helping people make the connection in how to use and work with crystals in their everyday life. I love watching them open up to the energies and move forward in the discovery of working with stones. In just a few sessions, I can see them take off as they enjoy the benefits stones can have on their daily lives.
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  Debra Kupchok

"When we embrace the therapeutic nature
of crystals with reverence and an open heart,
their vibration can fill us with healing.

Understanding how to work with crystals
and gemstones can lead us back to
wholeness and well being.

With crystals as the guide, we can release
wounds and open our hearts to all the
love and joy we deserve"

— Debra Kupchok

Want to know what it’s like to work with me?  Not sure a Crystal Consultation is for you?  Schedule a free 15-minute 'Let's Talk Crystals' session and let’s talk a bit about what you’re looking for and how the crystals and stones might help you.
Email me, and I'll get back to you on day and time.