Chakra Balancing Program- Day 2 The Sacral Chakra

Day Two of the Spirals of Light 7 day Chakra Balancing Program. If you are just joining in here, please see blog post Overview for information on how to begin this porgram.

Today we balance The Sacral Chakra – 2nd Chakra. Use Chakra Spray “ Desire” if you have it.     To purchase the sprays click here.

Sacral Chakra Spray

This Chakra is known as the Sacral Chakra, Belly, Navel, Spleen Chakra or 2nd Chakra. Referred to as Svdisthana in Sanskrit Color: Orange

Stones used in this spray are Amber and Carnelian Essential oils used in this spray are, Bergamot, Vanilla, Sandalwood

The Sacral Chakra is located at the navel, just below the belly button. This energy center is the place of sexuality, fertility, creativity and desires. The 2nd Chakra stimulates creative forces on any level. Think about where the energy comes from when you get a new idea and bring that idea into manifestation. That’s the power of the 2nd Chakra. You draw on the energy of the 2nd Chakra when you bring your ideas and desires into the material plane.

Aspects of giving and receiving are felt here. This Chakra is where we form our attachments to others. This center is connected to issues of addictions, cravings, control, blame and guilt.

Physical connection to this Chakra: Reproductive organs, bladder.

Use the 2nd Chakra Spray to increase sensual pleasure & joy, manifest your dreams & desires, balance addictions & cravings.

Create your sacred space and give yourself some quiet time. Light a candle and if your desire, play some soothing yet up beat music. Close your eyes and spray the Chakra Spray at the top your head several times, allowing the mist to gently flow down your body. Breathe in the pure aroma of the mist.

Visualize a bright orange luminous color of light before you. Perhaps you see the deep orange color of the setting sun, or a large orange pumpkin. Bring to your minds eye the color orange. Allow this beautiful orange color to flow all around your body. You are being bathed in a bright, deep orange vibration of light. Hold this visualization for several minutes. When you are ready, open your eyes and tune into to how you are feeling.

Now mist yourself again with the 2nd Chakra Spray, this time spray the mist around your lower belly area and around you belly button. Take in 3 deep breathes, really expanding your lower belly as you breathe in and squeezing out all the air as you breathe out.

Take a moment to think about what you’ve been wanting to create. Maybe it’s a form of art or writing a book, maybe it’s an idea for a new business, whatever it is take some time to dream, flow with your creative juices and begin to journal from this center of creativity and passion. Tap into your vital energy source that knows no limits. From this center you can give birth to your idea and watch it manifest. No need to work out the details here, just flow with the ideas that come to you, as if you were writing a script for a movie. Remember to feel how it would feel as if these ideas, dreams and passions were already in your life. The real power lies in connecting to the feeling. Have some fun here, let your imagination run wild.

Affirmations of the Day: Say these affirmations while you spray yourself one last time before going on with your day. Remember to take your Sacral Chakra Spray with you, so you can use it throughout the day. I deserve to feel joy in my life I am a powerful creator I choose health and healing and do what is best for my body.

You may choose to wear the color Orange today, or wear some Chakra jewelry with the stones Amber or Carnelian.

Throughout the day spray yourself with the 2nd Chakra Spray, come back to the 3 deep belly breaths, really connecting to the power spot of the 2nd Chakra.

See you tomorrow for Chakra #3 the Solar Plexus Chakra

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