Crystal Collecting or Crystal Hoarding?

crystal healing I’m in a process of reviewing my personal crystal collection and I’m starting to wonder if I’ve become a crystal hoarder. Oh no! Could it be?

I’ve been in the business of selling crystals and stones for the past 25 years. I’ve owned several physical stores and have an on line business since 1994. One of the joys about my work is purchasing stones knowing they are not for me, but passing them to those who are called to them. It’s a delight to witness when someone connects to a stone, whether it be at the store, at a show or on line. Along the way I have purchased some very beautiful stones I just knew I wouldn’t sell.

As a Crystal Healer and Certified Crystal Therapist I’ve gathered an amazing collection of high vibrational stones that I use in my work. I also display many stones around my home, in all the rooms. Keeping stones to inspire my creativity in my bead studio like Azurite, Carnelian and Citrine. Stones like Lepidolite and Larimar to relax and calm me in the bedroom. Stones like Hematite to ground me and help me focus near the computer and Shungite to protect from EMFs.

I often place the stones outside under the light of the full moon, to cleanse and charge the stones. It’s also a way for me to visit with them, to take some time to appreciate their beauty and give them thanks. I like to think of this time as a way to attune and activate the stones.

As I write this it is a full moon. I’ve decided to place the stones in my healing room out under the moon.  As I was doing this I realized it has been some time since the crystals in my bedroom and living room were cleansed. I started to look around the house and realized I’ve really neglected some of these beauties. They hadn’t been out in the moon light for over a year. My eyes started to see some gems covered in dust, hidden behind each other and jumbled together. Ouch! It’s hard to admit, but I’ve been piling stones up without being with them, without really seeing them. I’ve let the collection get out of hand.

So, what is the difference between collecting stones and hoarding?

I think hoarding is when you don’t even know what stones you have. When you let them get covered in dust. When you hide them away because you no longer have room for them. When you forget to appreciate them for the gifts they offer.

Quartz CrystalSo dear friend, ask yourself, when was the last time you sat with your crystals?
When was the last time you picked it up and really felt its energies?
Do you remember where it came from? Was it a gift? Or did you buy it with some intention long forgotten?

I’m looking at my crystal collection with fresh eyes and excitement. I’m ready to re-arrange them and put them in places where they can do their work. It’s time to release a few so others can enjoy their beauty. I’ll be putting some of my private collection up for sale. Some will be gifted to those who can benefit from their essence.

As the light of the full moon energies my stones, my stones can energize me and my home. Gotta go now, the stones are calling……