Crystal Healing for the Grieving Mind

crystalsAddressing addiction is often difficult. Many people need time to grieve when they give up alcohol, drugs, or other types of substances. The reality is that you need to acknowledge the effects of addiction in order to control it. In addition, you might find it helpful to accept your need to grieve during the recovery and sobriety process. Some studies indicate that using gemstones may help decrease a person’s addictive tendencies. It may help with the grieving process when overcoming an addiction.


Using Crystals for Addiction and Substance Abuse Healing

Gemstones may help increase your physical, spiritual, and emotional strength. They may be beneficial for people who are grieving after an addiction. There are many feelings and emotions associated with overcoming grief. This is especially true for those trying to overcome an addiction.

For instance, you might feel a sense of emptiness or loneliness because you are no longer spending time using substances or associating with certain people. Thankfully, there are crystal gemstones that may enhance your chakra points and bring positivity back into your life. If you are searching for a way to handle your grief, increase your positivity, and find new energy, try using one of the following crystal gemstones.

Carnelian heartsCarnelian

Carnelian may help a person who suffers from binge eating, obesity, and overeating. People often infuse this gemstone in water or wear it as a piece of jewelry. Carnelian may boost courage, promote positivity, and motivate a person to reach for success. It is an excellent gemstone to use if you are looking to turn your life around and trying to become healthy.


Clear Quartz

Clear quartz may help people with histories of substance abuse and people who have had problems controlling their use of the following substances:


  • Marijuana
  • Caffeine
  • Sugar
  • Nicotine

Clear quartz holistic therapy may reduce the stress associated with a variety of substance abuse withdrawal symptoms. It may awaken the liveliness in a person’s soul. In addition, clear quartz gemstones lift a person’s chakras and touch their subconscious minds. They may be your savior when you have cravings that creep into your mind that you just cannot shake. It may also help you fight off the urge to use again.

Tiger Eye

Tiger eye is also known as tiger’s eye and it is a crystal that may help treat mental ailments. It is known for boosting a person’s passion. People who were grieving from alcohol addictions have found tiger eye to be beneficial in their recovery process. People wear this stone to stabilize their emotions, boost their energy chakras, and help them stay centered while in recovery and sobriety.

rose quartzRose Quartz

Rose quartz is another amazing crystal. It may heal subliminal ailments in a person’s subconscious and conscious minds. Many people wear this gemstone to help them overcome memories of trauma and abuse. It is also worn by people who have codependent addictions because it may help them overcome the guilt associated with their addictions. Holistic experts recommend that people wear rose quartz close to their hearts in order to receive the full effect of the gem.




Amethyst may be one of the most essential crystals for people who are suffering from addictions. The stone may trigger people’s creative neurons, distract them from their addictions, and help ease painful withdrawal symptoms. Many people keep amethyst on hand to help them fend off their alcohol and drug withdrawal symptoms. This gemstone may be a useful tool during the withdrawal process of your recovery.


Citrine is a unique crystal. People who wear it may develop new goals, ambitions, and objectives. Many holistic experts believe that citrine may help transform former addicts into brand-new people. People consider citrine to be the stone of luck, truth, and wisdom. Citrine may cleanse people physically and spiritually. It may help people loosen up if they are struggling with socialization and help them interact with society in healthy ways.

Coping with the grieving mind may be difficult, especially for those trying to take control over their addictions. But it is possible. One good way to begin taking control of your grief is by utilizing the powers of crystals and gemstones. Consider researching and using them today.

Guest Blogger Adam Durnham is a freelance blogger that focuses on mental health, addiction, and wellness. He currently resides in Detroit, Michigan with his dog Beignet. You can find a lot of his work at Willow Springs Recovery.