Crystal Healing for the Home: How To Build your Temple by Guest Blogger Brandy Gray

A family is made up of a group of people who equally participate in creating the dynamics of their own functioning system, each funneling their individual energy or resonance of their beingness into one channel or reservoir. Optimally creating a level of harmony so that the whole feels fulfilled and complete.

This is also how a family, or community of crystals may work together as a crystal-energy-elixir. By synergistically working together, crystals can harmonize, stabilize and strengthen the flow of energy throughout the home.

I create patterns and crystal energy grids utilizing many types of healing crystals depending on our family’s needs. I often rotate the setting or placement of these energy grids from the kitchen, living room, bedrooms and even the outdoor garden sanctuary space. I am also inspired to place individual crystals around different areas of our home because each stone or combination of stones offers something valuable to each space.


lepidolite palm stone-1-1



A good stone for bedtime is Lepidolite. Lepidolite is a soothing stone that brings us a sense of peace and comfort readying us for sleep. This crystal induces a settling and calming of the mind body. In our family, we use Lepidolite crystals under our pillows. I notice that when I place my large Lepidolite under my pillow, my kids tend to crawl into bed with me, one at a time, I’ll find them snuggled close to me sometime during the night. I can only guess that it’s either the deeply nurturing crystal energy drawing them closer or it opens our natural inclination to connect, either way, it brings a sense of ease, opening a potential for love, intimacy and connection and sense of family.




Rose Quartz and Rhodonite Rose Quartz

There are periods when our family is in need of unconditional Love and tenderness. Oftentimes our home can be overflowing with masculine energy, (I have two boys and a husband), and so the energy in our home needs a softening, gentleness of Spirit, a kind and loving feminine touch. The perfect stones to introduce for times like this are Rose Quartz and/or Rhodonite. Both of these stones have helped to soften situations, bringing a sense of flexibility, ease, forgiveness and compassion.

The addition of these loving pink stones aide us in maintaining and strengthening positive interactions creating a stronger familial foundation. The more love we can give/receive, the more expansive and rich our family bonds. These heart chakra stones can also be very healing in times of sadness or grief which can sometimes be consuming and harsh.



citrine jewelry

Citrine pendant




Citrine is a golden yellow stone I typically use for JOY, celebration, abundance and a healthy sense of self/empowerment/confidence. Citrine energy can stimulate your ability to recognize your own unique gifts and ability to SHINE. I really love using this stone to initiate my pursuit of living authentically true to myself and for infusing a sense of bliss into our daily family activities.

Citrine may be also be used as a cleansing stone or stone of renewal, like rays of the sun on the dawn of a new day. The light of the dawn often clears the density and darkness of days past. I often use this stone in attracting abundance and prosperity in crystal grid-work to infuse its bright yellow creative energy into the pursuit of our dreams with intentions of leading us to a more fulfilling life on all levels!





Lapis Lazulilapis oval cabochon

Dark blue stones like Lapiz Lazuli help our family to express ourselves openly, truthfully and with integrity. I feel like we connect and engage more when I use these stones whether in grid-work or arranged around the home. The living area or around the kitchen table is a great place to use these stones to open the potential of higher communication and shared wisdom or insight. I feel like these stones also help balance self-expression between the members of our family. Lapis helps bring a loving clarity of communication in our home and creates a space where everyone can be heard.



blue lace agate


Blue Lace Agate


Blue Lace Agate is another treasured stone I often use for soothing nerves or stress or unease. It brings about a sense of tranquility of mind, body and spirit, like the weightlessness of clear blue skies. The energy seems to lift us into a higher awareness or perspective, where a lightheartedness ensues, and there is sense of clarity and a higher wisdom is accessible.

I like to use this stone for myself or kids to soften and relax, sometimes we will hold them in our hands or put them in our pockets and other times, I will place a Blue Lace Agate stone on our breakfast bar into a grid with other stones which work together and create an elixir of harmony and hope within us and around us! I also enjoy Blue Lace Agate for self-care rituals, around the tub for a relaxation bath or during meditation.




Selenitewhite selenite heart

Selenite is another must for our family’s spiritual work and growth! For us, we use it as a Spirit-nurturer or when we need Divine comfort or assistance. It is a high-vibration stone to use while meditating, sleeping or intuitive questioning. There are some stones that feel as if they heighten your awareness or bring you closer to your Higher Self, guides or Angels and this is one of those stones. I also use it to clear and cleanse our energy fields or, when need be, the energy in spaces of our home and to refresh my aura/overall well-being. It’s an uplifting stone that brings Light into your beingness, creamy and cool, white light, the bringer of Peace and Divine Restoration. It is delicate and dreamy. I think children feel a familiarity with Selenite and a level of comfort as if they are kindred spirits.




Crystal energy has been an absolute blessing to our household. I look forward to exploring more stones within the crystal community to aid my family and others to lead a more fulfilling and loving life through the use of crystal alchemy!

Brandy Gray describes herself as a home-maker, dream-weaver, crystal-connoisseur, magic mommy, Lightworker, Truth-Teller and Earth-Activist! You can find her outdoors playing with her kids or indoors building her dreams.
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