Crystal & Stone Chakra Alignment Layout


Aligning and balancing your energetic system through the Chakras can be very helpful during times of inner stress or external changes. So many events in our daily lives can upset the energy flow in our Chakra Energy System.

Chakra balancing helps us on all levels, emotional, physical and spiritual. Taking time to align the energy flow within our chakras provides us with a way to clarify and purify our energy. There are several easy ways to balance the chakras, so why not make it a part of your daily ritual of well being, just like washing your face each morning, check in with your energy flow and take a few moments to align and balance your Chakras.

Crystal and Stone Chakra Alignment Layout

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Choose seven different crystals or gemstones that match the color of each Chakra or check out my Chakra Kit, which includes: Jasper, Carnelian, Citrine, Aventurine, Sodalite, Amethyst & Clear Quartz.

Find a comfortable space to lie down. You can  lie down in your bed or mat on the floor. You may choose to go outside and lay on the ground.  The idea is to find a comfortable space where you can create a meditative, healing environment. Once you are lying down, lay the colored stones that correspond to the colors of the chakras on your body. Start at your root chakra.  Place your hands over the stones and  feel the warm current of your energy moving through the crystal into the chakra. If you practice Reiki, you can send Reiki through the crystals into the chakras. Take some time to make a connection with the energy of the stones, flowing into each of your chakras. The entire Crystal Layout can last ten to twenty minutes, or however long feels best to you.

If you are short on time, choose one chakra a day to work on. You can hold the stone over the chakra you are aligning for several minutes, visualizing the color and feeling the healing energy vibration of the stone as it moves into the chakra.

There are many good books and reference guides to understanding the chakras energy system. Enjoy the process of bringing well being into your life through aligning and balancing the Chakra Energy System within your body.