Crystals & Gemstones To Help You Set Intention For The New Year

Do you like to set intentions for the new year?
I’ve come up with a list of gemstones to help you manifest your intentions with gemstones & crystals.

How to set a New Year Intention:

Write down your intentions, goals, aspirations, desires on paper. Perhaps you’d like to keep a journal for this or express your intention to someone else. It is helpful to speak your intention as well as write it down. Words carry vibration so when you speak your intention you put that vibration out into the universe.

  •  Before you even begin to write down your intention, get really clear and focus on what it is you intend.
  • Say it in a positive way. Never say what you don’t want, always focus on what you do want to bring into your life.
  • Say it in the present tense as if it is already occurring in your life.
  • Really step into the feeling of it already happening. Feel what it feels like, create an energy field of what it feels like to have achieved this intention.

Here are some gemstones that can help bring specific intentions into your life.

If you’d like to bring a Meditation practice into your life, work with Amethyst.  Amethyst is known as a stone of Spirituality and Intuition.

amethyst, hour glass amethyst

Amethyst helps us to quiet our minds during meditation and connect to our inner spiritual selves.

Hold the stone in your hand and use it as a focusing tool. Whenever your mind wonders, bring your attention back to the Amethyst in your hand.

Is this the year to get Healthy? Move into the New Year with a healthy lifestyle. Choose a green stone like Aventurine.

Aventurine’s vibration is one of health and nourishment. This soft energy stone  can be your reminder to eat healthy and to take care of your body by feeding it nourishing foods. Think Wheat Grass. Now you’ve got the energy vibration of Aventurine.

Looking to bring more Abundance into your life? Choose Citrine. Citrine is known as the Stone of Abundance.

It reminds us of abundance on all levels.

We live in an abundant universe.

Connect to this abundance through the stone Citrine.

Is this the year to start that creative project? Choose a blue stone like Lapis or Sodalite. Blue stones open up our creativity and help us to expression express ourselves.

rose quartz pendant

For bringing in Love, choose Rose Quartz or any 0f the many pink stones. Rose Quartz helps to keep the heart open to love.

Remember to start with  loving yourself. 

Are you wanting to deepen your connection to your Angel’s, Inner Guides and Celestial Beings? Choose the clear stones, like Quartz, Selenite, Apophyllite or Nirvana Quartz.

So whatever it is you’d like to bring into your life this New Year, there is a gemstone that can assist you in setting your intention.   All things are possible!

If you have a New Year’s Ritual you like to do with Crystals, I’d love to hear about it. Please share in the comment section below. Thanks!