Crystals: Vehicles of Intention by Guest Blogger Brandy Gray

Brandenburg-crystal-2There is a lot of information available about crystals and their uses and truly, it is up to each individual to find out how crystals can be of use to them. Some people use crystals for jewelry and home décor which is a lovely way to utilize the aesthetic and energetically pleasing benefits of crystals. But for me, my husband and my children, crystals have become a way of life, used in all aspects of our lives. This may seem odd or unique to those who do not understand crystals beyond their current acceptable label as “rocks” or “stones”. There is nothing wrong with this label because, essentially, that is exactly what they are, hard on the surface and occurring naturally on and within the Earth. Crystals, though, are very special gifts. They are blessings offered from the Wisdom of Gaia, our Mother Earth. If you are open to the experience, crystals can be the embodiment of real-life magic!

Crystals are welcomed within my home as “medicine”, support-systems, protection agents, healing agents and more precisely **vehicles of intention**. Crystalline structures have the ability to store, emit, absorb and focus energy. There are many different kinds of crystals with many different uses. My family uses them for everything. If I am having trouble falling asleep, I do not go to my medicine cabinet for a sleep-aid, I simply walk to one of the many crystal displays in my home, grab a crystal or two and place it under my pillow with a quick intention, mental request, prayer, purpose or whatever is most fitting. It is never long after that and I am fast asleep before I even realize it.

Crystal Energy grid for angels

Crystal Grid

If a child is ill, my own or a loved one, I take time to gather many different crystals to create a group pattern, or “crystal grid” of healing, using my internal guidance system and other resources to find which crystals I want to use for the pattern. As I consciously choose each stone, I carry an intention or message within my heart of well-being, positivity, hope, love, blessing or joy to be “placed” in each individual stone. I sometimes include photographs of happy, healthy loved ones in my grids as well to amplify my intentions of goodwill. I usually allow these crystal grids to be in place for hours or days. I always notice (and acknowledge with gratitude) progress in healing for whomever it was intended for every single time I do this. It is nothing short of Earthly-Divine-intervention!

Brandy GrayWhen my now one-year old son was born, he had a blocked tear duct in one eye. This caused tears and mucus build-up in the corner of his eye causing irritation and discomfort. We were told by doctors to massage it multiple times daily and that most cases clear up on their own but if not, a simple surgery would fix it (yikes!). Understandably, my newborn son was not open to much “eye-massaging” at this fragile time of his life without screaming at the top of his lungs. I was frustrated and impatient after several months of dealing with this. At one pivotal moment, I felt the inspiration to create a crystal grid for him with the intention of energetically massaging his eye back to health, without physical touch, to relieve him of the discomfort involved when I touched the sensitive area with my fingers and warm towel. And so, I created a grid for his eye using specific crystals involved with eye health and within a week, after waiting MONTHS prior to this for relief, the blocked tear duct miraculously cleared!!! No more mucus, no more build-up, no more discomfort and cries, just a healthy, breathing eye, all made possible by a crystal grid holding intention!! This was the first MAJOR eye-opener (literally) to the healing power of crystals and their true capabilities!

More recently, my husband fell ill and I used a quartz crystal wand with a pointed end to “draw out” whatever discord or disharmony was causing the imbalance within his gastrointestinal system as well as the subsequent suffering. At that point in my husband’s illness, he was in the thick of it, severely physically uncomfortable. But after offering my healing using the crystal quartz wand (and a rose quartz pendulum to guide my actions), it wasn’t an hour or two later that my husband was sitting upright, having a conversation with me and asking for something to eat! It was a miracle! A miracle accessed through crystals alone!!!!


I have used crystal grids to invite financial abundance into our lives when needed and even to aid myself in finally winning a long drawn out court case. I use crystals to aid in calming my crystal-grid-1mind during meditation and to heighten my experience as well. My children use crystals to calm down when upset or frustrated. I place them on/under/around my children’s bed if nightmares or illness looms. I bring stones on road-trips with me for protection, there are stones that can help ward off danger, anger, harm or anything negative. There is no secret to this, these gifts and opportunities are available to anyone open-minded and willing to utilize the benefits of crystals. You do not have to know what you are doing, there are no “rules” except your own. There are no limits except your own. You can be as detailed or as simple as you would like to be in your creations because they are YOURS to create and no one else’s! Crystals work for myself and my family because I believe they work, I’ve witnessed them work time and time again. Our Creator and Earth Mother offer us many unique healing agents, all occurring naturally and readily available to us on our planet. The very intelligence that created our vast Universe(s), its billions of galaxies, all the stars, all the planets including our own, every plant and animal, the same intelligence that breathes our lungs and flows our blood automatically, created these magnificent crystalline structures. They serve a much greater purpose than simply to please the eye with their exquisite beauty. Everything on our planet and in our reality offers us a message, a symbol, a lesson or a gift. Don’t take anything for granted. And certainly do not underestimate the power of a rock.


Brandy Gray & Family

Brandy Gray & Family

Brandy Gray is a devoted mother of two and wife, as well as a dedicated local activist. Her passions are for caring for her family, health and Mother Earth. She also enjoys a good coffee, a good book and loves to eat anything tasty!
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