Earth Blessings, Earth Healing, Earth Day

Earth Day Celebration

Earth Day is a day to reflect on ways we live in harmony with Mother Earth. Now more than ever we need to be good stewards to our Mother Earth.

Here are some ideas and information to help you generate awareness of this this important day and to live everyday as Earth Day .


Ever notice how you feel so energized and vibrant while walking on the beach? You might have noticed how the stress rolls off and you feel completely relaxed. What’s the magical ingredient? Electrons.
Our feet contain a rich, intricate network of nerves and acupuncture points and are especially adept at picking up free electrons from the earth’s surface. It’s called barefoot or caveman medicine, and walking barefoot – aka earthing or grounding – may be the easiest, simplest and cheapest way of shifting your body back to an optimal state of homeostasis and health.
The most straightforward way to participate in grounding is to simply make contact with the ground on either the dirt or concrete, which is also conductive. So what are you waiting for? Take off your shoes and feel the Earth.

Create a Crystal Grid for Earth Healing.
Crystal grids use gemstones and crystals placed in a geometric pattern with intention and consciousness. The stones work synergistically together to create an energy field to vibrationally the set intention. Choose stones that offer healing and protection for Mother Earth.
Here’s a crystal grid I created for Earth Day/Earth Healing using Chrysocolla as the center stone to represent Earth. To many Chryscocolla looks like the earth from a satellite’s perspective. I surrounded the Chrysocolla with Red Jasper, added clear Quartz crystal points with Healerite next to the quartz for healing and chose Obsidian for protection. This grid is available at my Etsy Store. What stones would you choose to place in a crystal healing grid?   crystal grid

Ceremony for Earth Healing

Ceremonies have been used by many traditions as a form of healing and transformation. They can be as simple as lighting a candle with intention. Ceremonies focus intention in a ritualized way.
Healing Earth Ceremony. This ceremony can be done with a group of friends or by yourself.
1. Find a quiet place outdoors
2. Create an altar to offer up the 4 elements (plant, feather, candle, stones)
3. Create a circle of protection. I like to use Black Tourmaline for this, but you can choose any black stone, clear Quartz, Selenite or Kyanite, or pebbles or stones found in your area.
4. Call upon a your ancestors, a deity, ascended master, spirit guides or other loving beings to help you with the ceremony
5. Offer your prayers/intentions for the planet, maybe there is a certain part of the planet you wish to send this healing energy out to.
6. Use imagery, visualization, and affirmations to help imagine the planet as being cleansed. I like to place a clear Quartz crystal on a photo of the earth. I charge the crystal with the energy of the ceremony. Perhaps you have a poem, song or prayer to share.
7. Considering bringing a drum or rattle into your ceremony. In the shamanic tradition, drums are used for their healing properties. A Crystal or metal bowl or bell would also be appropriate.
8. Close your ceremony by giving thanks, knowing the energy that was created is now being carried out and spreading all around the Earth.


chrysocolla spherePlant A Garden To Give Back To Mother Earth

Living in harmony with nature is one of the very best practices we can do daily. Honoring the the circle of life, it’s a give and take. We take so much from Mother Earth in order to survive but we must remember to replenish her in return to keep this cycle going. We can put this into practice by planting a garden and spending time each day in the garden.
Here are some ways you can ritualized your garden experience:
~Make your garden a sacred space with a ceremony before you plant your seeds, surround it with several crystals or stones. Be creative and design a crystal grid surrounding the entire area.
~Say a mantra or an intention for each seed you plant
~Spend five minutes a day to say a mantra or chant to your garden while holding a Rose Quartz offering out your love to the plants.
~Practice earthing in your garden. (See my post on Monday to learn about Earthing).
~Add a bird bath or water feature for the birds and small animals
~ Get your children involved.

Earth Day Visions Boards:
Here’s a fun Earth Day Celebration project to do as a group. Kids would love this to too. Invite some friends over to create Honoring Mother Earth Vision Boards. Have on hand old magazine, cards, paper, glitter, glue, etc. Begin by setting the intention of GRATITUDE for Mother Earth. Take some time to discuss ways Mother Earth supports you. Consider the ways in which mother earth shows up in your life: food, water, supports the life of friend/family, energetic support, etc.
Choose photos that express your gratitude and love. End with setting the intentions to offer this goodness to all beings on the planet.