healerite, serpentine, tumbled stones,

Healerite-Love At First Sight

healerite, serpentine, tumbled stones,

Every now and then a new stone comes along that really rocks my world.

Healerite is one of those stones. Healerite is a newly discovered gemstone, coming to us from the Northwest USA mountain area in Washington State. Healerite is a form of Serpentine and is also called Noble Serpentine a name given to this yummy stone by the gentleman who hand harvests it.

Healerite has this most amazing color of lime green. It’s the color that most people seem to connect with, “a love at first sight” kind of relationship. Once you hold Healerite in your hand and feel its radiant, bright healing vibration, you can’t let it go. It begs to be held, touch and caressed.

Robert Simmons author of “A Book Of Stones” is the person to give Healerite its name. He describes Healerite as a ” stone of profound healing energy, working on multiple levels to restructure misaligned chakras, meridians and systems in the organic and etheric bodies, to bring a great beneficial infusion of subtle matter-energy. Healerite’s currents flows into our being though the channels of energy meridians the same ones know in acupuncture. One way to describes its effects is to say it greatly increases one’s chi, or life force.” Simmons goes on to say, ” Healerite can help one calm frayed nerves, balance the body and emotions, attune to the spiritual realms and increase inner vitality and energy. One can feel years younger when the subtle matter –energy, of Healerite fully permeates one’s being.”

Because of its amazing green color Healerite works with the heart chakra and is an excellent stone for any kind of emotional healing. When I hold Healerite I get a warm sense of joy and openness. It seems to dispel negative emotions and brings a vibration of love and healing to my whole being. I see it as a stone of optimism. Reminding me that anything is possible if I come from an open heart, with authenticity and integrity.

Holding Healerite in my hand I get the sense that I could Squeeze it or manipulate it like clay. This yielding quality reminds me to soften up. It is a wonderful stone to help release tightness and rigidity allowing one to become more open and flexible. The message here is to give space. To create a sense of space around a difficult situation rather than hold on so tight that healing can not come.

I feel very fortunate to have been introduced to this new stone several years ago. A rock hound friend handed me a stone, and that was it. I was in Love. He knows the man who hand collects it. I bought pounds of it immediately and now can offer it to you.       Click here to purchase Healerite
Healerite has become on of my all time favorite stones to use in my Reiki, Crystal Healing Sessions.

Please note, this article was originally published on 10/11/2019