How Crystals and Stones Can Help with Addiction

amethystOn the road to recovery from an addiction, you might want all the tools you can get to stay sober, healthy and happy. In the world of holistic healing, crystals and stones are used for many different ailments and issues. They can also be used for addiction.

Crystals and stones are often known as healing crystals or stones. Depending on the specific crystal or stone, they are said to help with different issues. Most crystals help with positive energy and can help you repel negativity, which is very crucial in addiction recovery.


Crystals can also serve as a physical reminder to keep yourself sober and in a positive mindset. It can help to have crystals or stones around your home or even wear jewelry with crystals or stones to remind yourself often. Crystals also have healing properties that can aid in your recovery process.


Some of the best crystals or stones for addiction recovery are hematite, black onyx, amethyst, obsidian, and celestite.


  • Hematite helps to release unwanted patterns in your life. Looking at the stone can remind you of the reasons you want to quit your addiction and continue on your recovery journey. Black onyx can help calm fears and worries and give you the strength you need to completely transform your life.
  • Obsidian can help with mental stress and help clear your mind.
  • Amethyst is very important because it literally translates to a Greek word that means “not drunk”. This will be one of the most important healing stones for you when dealing with addiction.
  • Celestite is a very calming stone and can help release trauma and stress.


Crystals and stones can also aid in your meditation practice. Meditation can help rewire the brain and help calm you down in times of stress and times when you’d normally reach for whatever you are addicted to. These crystals can really amp up your meditation.

Whether they truly work or aid in the addiction process, that can’t be scientifically proven. However, it really can’t hurt. They look beautiful and can give a new element to your jewelry or home. Crystals can also be a positive reminder to stay sober.

Have you ever used crystals or stones to help with your addiction recovery? Do you believe in them or do you think they are silly? Share your thoughts!

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