How to Tune Into The Energy Of Aries With Carnelian

Happy Birthday Aires!

We are in the energy field of energetic Aires. The Sun moved into the astrological sign of Aires on Wednesday March 20th at 11:58 am EDT.

When I think of the fiery sign of Aries I think of inspiration and new beginnings as it is the first sign of the Zodiac and helps us welcome in the energy of Spring.

Aires people are passionate, committed and independent. They like to set goals and get things done.  They love to start new projects and push themselves into achieving the task at hand.

Aries is all about manifesting dreams and desires and so is the vibrational qualities of orange Carnelian.

While the birthstone for April is traditionally Diamond, Carnelian more accurately sets the tone for Arian energy.

So, if you are wanting to ride the qualities of Aries as it moves through the astrological heavens turn to Carnelian to help you set goals and manifest your ideas, start new projects and turn them into success.                                                                                                                  Carnelian Pendant

Carnelian is a stone for confidence. With its fiery, creative, energy it’s the stone to get things going. Need a little inspiration to get yourself to the gym? Carnelian will motivate you to get going. Carnelian with its vibrant warm color and super powerful energy, is known as a stone for motivation and endurance.

Carnelian helps up step into a leadership role. Carnelian can ignite creativity and bring life force energy to those creative projects

So grab your Carnelian. It’s time to manifest!

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