Jewelry inspired by nature

seraphinite jewelry, gemstone necklace

You know the feeling you get when you are standing in the mists of a beautiful forest, breathing in the fresh air.
Your heart opens with a feeling of gratitude.
It’s so easy to acknowledge the beauty of Mother Earth.

Often times when I’m connecting to nature, I feel the inspiration to create jewelry.
 It’s almost instantaneous, ideas come pouring in with different gemstones to use and patterns to create.

Here is a necklace that captures that feeling.
Inspired by my a trip to the mountains of Western North Carolina.

This gemstone necklace is made with Seraphinite, Prehinite, Emerald, Jade, Green Kyanite, Malachite

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When we stand in awe and appreciation of natural beauty there is no room for fear or worry.
When we take the time to truly notice the shape of a tree with its many branches, patterns of the leaves, size and color we send out appreciation for the tree.

If we are feeling gratitude there is no room for sadness, anger, depression.
Nature can offer us peace, inspiration, creativity, hope.

I think one of the reason I so enjoy working with natural gemstones is the appreciation I feel for their natural beauty, their connection to Mother Earth.

The necklace is a reminder for me to notice the beauty that nature offers.

I extend that reminder out to you. It may not be possible for you to take a walk in the woods, or other natural setting every day.
But there are many ways to bring nature into your environment whether through a crystal or stone, a feather, a vase of fresh picked wildflowers, fall leaves, or by wearing a piece of jewelry made with natural gemstones.

So get outdoors and embrace the beauty that nature brings. Surround yourself in nature’s radiant beauty and remember to see that beauty as a reflection of the beauty within you.