My New Year’s Crystal Ritual

Meditating with crystalsI stopped making New Year’s resolutions years ago. They just don’t work well for me. We begin the New Year filled with hope and make resolutions we know we won’t or can’t keep. New Years resolutions have always felt more like an empty wish than setting a true goal or intention.
What I love to do however are New Year Rituals. There is such power in a ritual, creating a sacred space filled with symbolism and intention.
A ritual can be as simple as stopping for a moment of silence and prayer before we eat our food. Or taking a moment to light a candle and offer out a blessing to someone we love. Or sending out gratitude to the new day as the sun rises to greet us each morning. Some rituals are steeped in spiritual tradition, carried out by many who came before us.
The power of ritual lies in taking the time to reflect and create a moment of sacredness.

The time around the New Year can be a powerful time for introspection and taking a pause to examine your life. It’s so easy to get distracted by life and loose our connection to our deeper purpose.

I enjoy using Crystals in my New Year’s ritual. Before I begin, I light a candle and create a  space for quiet inner reflection. I begin by reflecting on the past year. I start by asking myself questions.
What was my biggest success of the year?
What was my biggest upset?
What was the biggest surprise?
These kinds of questions allow me to take a good look at the positives and the negatives of the year.
I place a quartz crystal in my hands and allow all the thoughts that no longer serve me to pass into the crystal. Placing unwanted worries, and feelings into the stone helps me to rid them from my body, mind and spirit. Once this process feels complete, (I can usually sense a feeling of relief, a lightness from within), I bury the crystal in the ground, giving it much thanks for taking all that no longer serves me.

I choose a 2nd crystal and hold it in my hands. Now I think about all the good things in my life, letting these feeling pour out into the stone. I visualize all that I would like to have, not just things, but feelings too, the wonderful feelings I get by being in nature, the creativity I feel when designing jewelry, the quiet and peace that comes from my yoga practice. I allow as much time as I need to conjure up all the things that are positive, all the things I want to welcome into the new year.

I  thank the stone for allowing me to place my energies within it. I keep this stone close to me, near my bedside, so each day when I wake up and each night before I go to sleep, it is there as a reminder for me, holding  positive energy for me. This simple ritual with the crystals lightens my burdens and uplifts me into a place of well being, a place of hope that all things are possible. This is what I take into the New Year.

Wishing you a Happy New Year, filled with all possibilities, love, joy and abundance.