Peridot for Well Being- Birthstone For August


I love Peridot.  Maybe because it is my birthstone. 

Peridot is the birthstone for August.  But I didn’t always love it.  I can remember as a kid getting the yellow green stone for my birthday and wishing my birthstone was more exciting, like maybe the rich color of purple Amethyst or bright shiny Diamond.  It wasn’t until I was much older that my appreciation  for Peridot took hold.  Once I discovered its subtle energies I was won over. Peridot is often used in crystal healing and there are many good reasons why.

Peridot has a long history of uses.  The Egyptians made Peridot beads  2,500 years ago.  It was also used to make rings and other jewelry. In Greece and Rome Peridot is considered a stone of royalty.  Since ancient times Peridot was viewed as a symbol of the sun. Sometimes it was worn as a protection stone.  Peridot was believed to bring wealth to the wearer.

Because of its bright yellowish green color Peridot is a stone that can activate and balance the 3rd chakra, the Solar Plexus and the 4th Chakra the  Heart Chakra.

Wearing this stone as a piece of healing jewelry,  you can feel a warming around the heart.  We all feel better when we open our heart to all the goodness that exists.  Its a reminder for me of all the good in my life.

Peridot’s vibration can bring an inner sense of warmth and well being, like sunshine on a summer day.

Peridot is one of the abundance stones. It can help one receive abundance on all levels of ones life. Peridot can be used to manifest and increase wealth, health, joy and well being. It can help to remove blockages to receiving. Its message is, ” be open to receive”

Peridot necklace
Peridot Necklace

Peridot doesn’t have to be your birthstone to be enjoyed. Everyone can benefit from its bright and balancing crystal healing vibration.

Affirmation- I gratefully receive my birthright of success, abundance and prosperity on all levels.

From “The Book of Stones”, by Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian.

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