Black Tourmaline Crystals


Black Tourmaline is a powerful protection stone

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Because you can never have enough Black Tourmaline.
These Double Terminated Black Tourmaline Crystals are for you.
They all have well defined terminations.

Double Terminated stones send and receive energy.

Place these stones in the four corners of your home, room or office.
Keep one in your pocket.
Place one on your bedside or under your pillow.

These photos are a fair representation of Black Tourmaline Crystals I have.
I will choose one for you.

These stones weigh approximately 58 grams each.
Approximately 1 1/4 inch x 1 inch

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All natural, not polished or cut. These stones have a natural smooth and polished look to it.

Black Tourmaline – Is a powerful protection stones as it can both repel and protect against negativity.

It acts to protect one from being victimized by the negative energy of another.

It can also deflect negative energy turning it back to where it has come from. This stone is wonderful for giving support to any situation in life.

When you need to feel supported in your life, choose Black Tourmaline.

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