Aromatherapy Gemstone Infused Chakra Spray Mist to Balance the 3rd Eye Chakra


Chakra Spray to Balance the 3rd eye

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Spirituality & Intuition Chakra Spray is for the 3rd Eye (6th) Chakra

Oils used :Ylang Ylang, Clary Sage, Lavender
Gemstone used: Amethyst, Clear Quartz

These oils offer inner peace, spiritual growth, and opening to inner guidance and intuition. Amethyst is used to connect to spirit and inner guides. Clear Quartz amplifies, magnifies energy and intention. Opens pathways to spirit.

Use this spray to: Deepen your intuitive powers, Consult your inner guidance, Explore psychic awareness

These Aromatherapy Chakra Sprays contain a synergistic blend of pure essential oils, gemstones, and Reiki healing activation. They come in a 2 ounce cobalt blue glass bottle with mister and wrapped in a tamper proof wrapper. The intention of these Aromatherapy Chakra Sprays is to balance, open and activate the chakras. Each Chakra spray mist combines essential oils and gemstones which correspond to the 7 Chakra energy system to balance the specific chakra.

Crystals and essential oils have been used for thousands of years for the purpose of healing. These Chakra Sprays were created to bring balance to the body, mind and spirit.

Only the finest quality, pure essential oils are used. (These are not fragrance oils) Reiki charged gemstones are placed into each bottle combining the vibratory essence of the gemstones with the oils. Each bottle is individually hand poured in sacred space with the highest intention to bring balance and healing to the user.

These spray mists are a delightful and refreshing way to bring balance back into your life.

Check out my Youtube video about the Chakra Sprays:


Here is a story about the third eye chakra spray…..I was almost ready to start a client’s healing session when she went to the bathroom.  I took that time to lightly sprayed the room with the third eye chakra spray as I set my intention for this client’s session.  When she came back in the room, she said” Wow!   The energy has changed in this room.”  She had a surprised look on her face and then
a big smile. 
The next client, about 3 hours later, was about to arrive.  I again sprayed the room with the third eye chakra spray with my intention for this session.   This client arrived and walked in the room and said “It feels so good in here.”
Both were new clients and didn’t know about the Chakra Sprays that you make and sell.  I have loved the sprays for my own use for quite some time. I am now using them in all my healing sessions.  Thank you for a wonderful quality product that I can recommend to clients for their own use. ~Jan, Colorado

Check out my video about the Chakra Sprays: