Agni Manitite Hearts, Obsidian Hearts, Tektites


A rare form of Obsidian


Agni Manitite Hearts.
The name means Pearl Of The Divine Fire.
You will receive one from this collection.
They are transparent when you hold them up to the light you can see through them, noticing dots, and lines inherent in the stone.

Approximately 1.25 inches
Polished on one side and left rough on the back to show the natural texture.

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Have you heard of Agni Manitite?
I hadn’t, until I went on a recent buying trip.
This stone really pulled me in. At first I wasn’t sure what it was.
Lava stone, obsidian, a tektite?
The gem dealer I purchased them from explained: Agni Manitite is the name given to this rare stone found on a remote island in the Indonesia archipelago.
Its appearance is similar to a tektite, so it is known as a pseudo tektite.
But actually, it is a rare form of Obsidian that was formed by a powerful volcano eruption which threw molten magma into the sky, and then solidified it into volcanic glass as it fell.
It usually appears as round balls.
The name means Pearl of the divine fire.

I absolutely love the feel to these stones.
They don’t quite have the grounding vibration you would expect from Obsidian.
Instead, they feel more like Moldavite, very buzzy.
I can almost feel them buzzing like a bee when I hold them.
They do feel very protective like obsidian or black tourmaline.