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This is a hefty cluster weighing 650 grams/ 1.6 oz


Oh such a rare beauty.
This is a deep, dark purple Elestial Amethyst Cluster.
It is loaded with sweet trigonic terminations all over and around the main crystal points.

Robert Simmons, author of “The Book of Stones” says Elestial crystals are like crystalline switchboards linking multiple dimensions, times and levels of consciousness to one another.
He says it is like having a radio tuned into the Higher Self Channel.

This is a hefty cluster weighing 650 grams/ 1.6 oz

Perfect for your altar or healing room

It reminds me of Spirit Quartz, but so much deeper in purple color.

It is from Bahai Brazil.

Amethyst – A stone of spirituality and intuition.
Can assist one in listening to the inner voice.
A stone for spiritual protection and purification.
Useful for meditation and gaining insight. Can aid in over indulgence and addictions.

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