Aquamarine Tumbled Stones


Aquamarine is helpful for hot flashes because of its cooling qualities


You will receive 4 polished Aquamarine Stones.
These stones average 6-8 grams.
1/2 to 1 inches.

They are a nice greenish blue transparent color.
Perfect to place in crystal healing grids.
Carry one in your pocket
Place one on your altar.

They are prefect for wire wrapping into a pedant.

Price includes Shipping.

March’s Birthstone is Aquamarine.
Aquamarine varies in its color range, from blue to green and is beautiful in its transparency.

Aquamarine is associated with mermaids and is believed to be a treasure and gift from the mermaids.
Its luminous blue /green color offers a cooling, calming yet alert and vibrant energy.
Aquamarine is a stone for clearing and activating the throat Chakra.
Aquamarine assists one in speaking their truth with clarity.
Aquamarine helps in balancing anger and frustration into clear, effective forms of expression.

Aquamarine is helpful for hot flashes because of its cooling qualities.
Aquamarine has long been used by those traveling on the water as a stone of protection and safety.

The benefits of Aquamarine can be felt by simply wearing the stone or holding it in your hand.