Azeztulite Pendant Wrapped in Silver Wire


This Azeztullite pendant has a soft yet very powerful vibration


This tumbled polished Azeztulite is wrapped in silver jewelry wire.
It comes with a black satin cord, or wear it on your favorite silver chain.

1 inches
Comes in a gift box

As a Crystal Healer I have personally witness the power of Azeztulite in opening the 3rd Eye and Crown Chakra with those who have held it. It often opens the way for visions and for healing to occur.

Azeztulite is called the Stone of the Nameless Light.
Azeztulite is an energetically unusual type of Quartz.
Azeztulites are usually white or colorless and do not form in prismatic points.
The name Azeztulite is derived from Azez, the name given for a group-soul angelic entity originally contacted by Naisha Ahsian.
The Azez have stated through her that they have re-engineered the stone Azeztulite to carry the currents of the Nameless Light of the Great Central Sun, the spiritual core of the Universe, which they serve.

The purpose of the appearance of the Azez at this time and the awakening of the stone Azeztulite is the re-alignment of the vibrational patterns of the human species and the Earth to the higher frequencies embodied in Azeztulite.
The Azez have said that Azeztulite is the very physical form of the Azez themselves.

Azeztulite’s vibrations are intended to be received on all levels of our being, from the etheric body throughout the physical organs, and into our cellular structure. The reconfiguration of our structure which Azeztulite is destined to facilitate is said to be capable of dissolving the habit patterns of degeneration and disease, as well as awakening higher spiritual awareness.

The tingling sensation many people feel after and while holding Azeztulite signifies the reverent response of our physical and etheric bodies to the current of the Nameless Light. The potential of Azeztulite is world awakening. Through it, we have the opportunity to become conduits of the Nameless Light currents, and through our opening the Soul of the World can came into full awareness. (Azeztulite is the trademark of Heaven and Earth LLC and is copyright protected.)