Ocean Blue Kyanite Necklace with White Pearls


Kyanite opens the throat chakra encouraging self expression and communication

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Ocean Blue Kyanite has the most amazing translucent blue green color.
There’s many colors of kyanite, this one the most rare.
This necklace is made with a rectangle shape Ocean Blue Kyanite Bead in the center. It is surrounded by fresh water white Pearls and 6 mm Ocean Blue Kyanite Beads.

The vibration this necklace gives off is like jumping into the clear blue Ocean! Cooling, refreshing and calming.

The necklace is 18 inches made with a sterling silver clasp.
Silver Thai beads are used to accent the gemstone beads.
Comes in a gift box

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Kyanite forms in blades which is perfect for cutting through negativity and emotional blockages.
It opens the throat chakra encouraging self expression and communication.
It is one of the stones which never needs cleansing as it does not accumulate negative energy.