Chrysocolla Malachite


A nice meditation stone, contemplate its unique pattern


This beautiful specimen of Chrysocolla with Crystalline Malachite is from Congo, Africa.
There’s pockets of Malachite all around the stone.

It is a beautiful blend of two copper minerals.

It is a nice size filling the palm of my hand.
It makes a nice meditation stone, contemplate its unique pattern.
Set it on your altar or use it as a healing stone.

It is approximately 3 inches x 2 inches
It weighs 213 grams

Chrysocolla – Teaches unconditional love. A nurturing heart chakra stone.
It is used as a stone for Earth healings.
It can link us to the Earth’s energies.
In some traditions this stone represents Mother Earth.
It reminds us to treasure the Earth, physically and spiritually.

Malachite – Called a stone of transformation as it can assist in changing and transforming situations.
Useful for any kind of change in life. It can assist in bringing about changes. It may equalize and balance energy.