Chrysoprase encourages connection to nature spirits, devas, and Earth Elementals

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Here’s a Natural piece of Chrysoprase.
The top is polished, the sides and bottom are left raw and natural.
It is a very interesting stone with inclusions inside.
Take a look inside, there’s so much to see!
Beautiful light to dark green in color.
Keep it as it is or cut into beautiful cabochons, this is a beauty.

Chrysoprase is a stone of the heart.
This stone can bring a strong connection to nature spirits, devas, and Earth Elementals.
Chrysoprase carries the vibration of growth and re-growth.
It helps to expand the heart energy and reminds us of our connection to Mother Earth.
It’s a stone of forgiveness and courage.

Weight: 25 grams
Measures 2 inches x 1 inch

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