Darwin Glass, Darwinite, Tektite


Darwin Glass does have that transformational energy similar to Moldavite


Darwin Glass, also known as Darwinite.
You will receive this exact stone.
Weighs 4.7 grams
Measures approximately 22 mm x 22 mm

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Darwin glass is a tektite found south of Queenstown, Tasmania in Australia.
It gets its name from Mount Darwin also known as Darwin Crater.
This is where the initial impact of the meteorite is thought to be, somewhere between 770,000 – 800,000 years ago.

Some pieces have bubbles in the glass, and some have pieces of the original meteorite inside.
Most pieces are blackish grey or very dark green. Several pieces have unusual twisted shapes and are textured.
Darwin Glass is a brand new stone for me. I’ve been sitting with these tektites for a few weeks now, reaching into their vibration and here’s what I’ve discovered so far.

As I put the stone to my forehead to feel into its energy I noticed I could feel the vibration inches before it touched my third eye.
While it felt powerful, it didn’t feel sharp, rather the energy felt smooth and reassuring.
There’s a grounding quality, but not like an anchor more like a connection to my physical body yet connecting me to the divine that resides within my body.
Really does feel like a balance of heaven and earth, spirit incarnated.

I also sense a protection quality to the stone. It can hold energy while you do the healing work.
Like an assistant saying I’m here for you to help you do the work you came to do.

It does have that transformational energy similar to Moldavite but without the zing or push.
It is holding the door open so you can walk through, but it’s not going to push you through the door like Moldavite does.
Very powerful healing stone if you are ready to make the changes needed for healing.