Fairy Pendant With Jade & Citrine, Goddess Necklace, Fairy of Abundance and Prosperity


Fairy of Abundance and Prosperity


This sterling silver flying Fairy Goddess Pendant sits on a strand of Green Jade and Golden Yellow Citrine

Both of these stones represent abundance and prosperity.
This is the Abundance & Prosperity Fairy, bringing you good luck and fortune.

Green Jade-is prized for its healing properties and over all feelings of well being.
In China Jade has been highly esteemed and known to bring good luck, prosperity and abundance.
Jade represents harmony and happiness in business and family.
It can help one to feel connected to the earth and nature.
Jade reminds us to stop and smell the flowers, touch someone you love and share your abundant heart with others.

Citrine is known as an abundance and prosperity stone. Citrine stimulates our creative energy, our will and increases our ability to bring energy into form.
A stone to help manifest our dreams. Its sunny energy assists in bringing clarity to any situation.

Enjoy the color blending of green and yellow with this Fair Necklace

Necklace length: 19 inches

Comes in gift box