Gemstone Necklace, Peridot, Citrine, Iolite, Pearl-On SALE!


16 inches in length. Comes in a gift box


Bright and light, this multi stone necklace incorporates 3 translucent gemstones and white pearls.
Silver beads are used to accent the gemstone beads.
Sterling silver clasp

16 inches in length

Comes in a gift box

Peridot’s vibration can bring an inner sense of warmth and well being, like sunshine on a spring day.
Peridot can help one receive abundance on all levels of ones life.
It can help to remove blockages to receiving. Its message is, ” be open to receive”
Birthstone for August.

Iolite – A stone of visionary art and creative expression of spiritual ideas. It will activate the creative side of the mind to allow one to access ideas and thoughts beyond this dimension. Iolite is a wonderful stone for Shamanic Journeying. It will assist with inner vision and accessing information held deep within the psyche.
Iolite is a useful stone for astrologers, tarot readers, and other intuitive channels in inner information.

Citrine is known as an abundance and prosperity stone. Place one in your wallet, cash box or wherever you keep your money.
Citrine stimulates our creative energy, our will and increases our ability to bring energy into form. A stone to help manifest our dreams. Its sunny energy assists in bringing clarity to any situation.