Green Flourite Gemstone Necklace


Fluorite is known as ” The “Cool, Calm, Collected ” Stone


This gemstone necklace is made with 12 mm tear shape Green Flourite Beads.
Sparkling green faceted glass beads are added to enhanced the natural Flourite gemstone beads.
Sterling silver lobster clasp makes it easy to get on and off.

Necklace length: 16 inches

Flourite comes in many colors. I find green Flourite to be the most healing of all the flourite colors.
I was delighted when I found these luminous, transparent beads. They have such clarity and vibrancy to them.
This necklace has a healing essence similar to being in nature. Breathe in it’s refreshing and soothing qualities.

Fluorite is known as ” The “Cool, Calm, Collected ” Stone. This stone can help one to remain calm in stressful situations.

Flourite is cooling to the touch and can help cool down anger, frustration or heated emotions.

Flourite is a stone to keep near the computer. It will help protect from electromagnetic rays and protect the computer from viruses.

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Comes in a gift box