Hiddenite Crystals, 10 pieces


Hiddenite can stabilize mood swings and reduce stress and anxiety


These small Hiddenite Crystals are perfect for putting into healing crystal grids or create your own medicine pouches with this calming energy stone.

You will receive 10 crystals similar to the ones in the photos.

Each piece weighs approximately 1 gram

Hiddenite is pale green.

Average size 1/2 to 3/4 inches.

Price includes FREE Shipping!

Hiddenite is in the Spodumene family and contains lithium which makes it a good stone for stress reduction.

It can stabilize mood swings and reduce stress and anxiety.

Hiddenite is used for emotional and spiritual growth.

Hiddenite is especially useful when healing from deeply traumatic events such as addiction, the loss of a loved one, abuse or even the loss of a home or job.

Hiddenite is a delicate green heart Chakra stone. Its energy reminds us to keep our tender hearts open to each other.

Hiddenite is a useful stone for all types of relationships, lovers, friends, co-workers, neighbors, etc.

Hiddenite’s message is – all hearts beat to the same drum.