Larimar Earrings, Triangle Gemstone Earrings


Larimar can bring a cooling, calm feeling.


These long Larimar earrings are set in sterling silver.

They are open on the back to allow the calming, soothing vibration of Larimar to come through.

They measure 1 inch in length.

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Larimar– is sometimes called the stone of the Caribbean because of where it is found and also for its blue color.

It is a most soothing and serene stone, able to calm and relax the emotions.

It can bring peace and calm to any situation.

It supports a state of well being and reminds us that all is well.

It is useful for the throat chakra, providing the power of clear communication.

Also known as a Goddess Stone. It is useful for hot flashes, as it can bring a cooling, calm feeling.