OM Shungite Disk Pendant


Shungite is known to relieve pain and inflammation

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The sacred symbol OM is engraved on a round Shungite Disk.

A black linen cord is attached to the Shungite pendant.

The pendant measures 28 mm x 3 mm

Comes in a gift box

Shungite acts as a shield from harmful electromagnetic rays from cell phones, computers and miro waves.

Shungite  is the only known stone to contain Fullerenes, a newly discovered form of carbon.

Carbon is the basis of all life on Earth.

Fullerenes is what gives Shungite its healing power.

Shungite is known to relieve pain and inflammation.

Its healing effects can be felt on all levels, physical, emotional and  spiritual.

This healing pendant would make a great gift for a man or woman.

Place it near your computer for protection from EMF’s.