Petalite Crystals



You will receive one stone from this collection.

Average weight: 3-4 grams.

Average length 1 inch.

These raw, natural Petalite from Brazil.

Petalite is an important Lithium ore and commonly occurs as colorless.

Petalite can take one to a dimension of rest and healing, a space in which the worries and concerns of this world are released, allowing one to bathe in the quiet bliss of the unencumbered spirit.

Petalite is a stone of vision. Petalite can open the inner eye to the higher dimensions, psychic powers, clairvoyance and telepathy.

Petalite is useful for quieting the mind during mediation.

Petalite is wonderful for calming the overactive mind, relieving stress and anxiety, helping with ADD and ADHD and countering anxiety attacks.

Petalite is also called the stone of angels and can connect you with your spirit guide and the spirit world.

It is very useful in the facilitation of ancestral and family healing.

It can help you balance emotions and energies, and think clearly.

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